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Smoke herring salad

Recipe Ingredients

1lb Smoked herring,
2 firm tomatoes,
1 onion,
smart balance omega 3 buttery spread,
black pepper

Recipe Steps

Boil 3/4 of the salt out of the herring. You will need to boil the herring twice for 15 minutes each time.

While the herring is boiling, cut up the tomatoes and onion into small pieces. (make sure the tomatoes are firm and very cold)

put 2 table spoons of smart balance omega 3 buttery spread into a non stick cooking pan. Let melt well.

Add onions to melted spread and let cook. You want the onion to become soft and somewhat translucent

Add drained herring to pot with onions. Use a fork to completely break up the herring. It's almost like your frying the herring with the onions

"fry" the herring with the onions for about 5-6 minutes, constantly stirring.

Lastly, combine the herring, onions and tomatoes in a bowl. Black pepper to taste, mix well

Serve warm over brown rice :)