Salmon, Bbq Sauce, Baked Salmon
Sweet Potatoes with Buttery Spice Spread

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Recipe Ingredients

See Oatmeal with Spiced Apples recipe for full ingredients.

Recipe Steps

Pierce 2 (12-oz) sweet potatoes with a fork; microwave at HIGH 9 minutes or until tender.


Cut each potato in half, fluff with fork, and top each half with 1 tablespoon Buttery Spice Spread.

Nutrition Facts

Makes 6 servings.


Nutrition Per Serving:
209 calories
3g protein
40g carbohydrate
4.1g total fat
1.3g saturated fat
1.3g monounsaturated fat
1.5g polyunsaturated fat
0g trans fat
143mg omega-3 fatty acids
23mg omega-6 fatty acids
0mg cholesterol
210mg sodium
5g fiber