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Chocolate Crème Eggs

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Recipe Ingredients

½ cup mashed potatoes, plain (no pepper/other herbs)
1 stick of Smart Balance® Blended Butter Sticks
1 tsp vanilla
2 lbs of powdered sugar
12oz bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips (You will only use about 2/3.)

Recipe Steps

In a large mixing bowl, stir together the mashed potatoes and butter. Make sure ahead of time they have come to room temperature so that they will easily mix together.

Stir in the vanilla.

Add the powdered sugar and slowly mix all together. It will eventually come together like a moist dough. Place in the refrigerator for about an hour to harden.

Divide the mixture into 4 and shape into egg shapes. Place on waxed paper on a cookie sheet and return to the refrigerator for 3 hours until firm.

Once the eggs are firm, melt the chocolate chips in the microwave 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until smooth.

Now you will need to cover the eggs in the chocolate. Line another cookie sheet with waxed paper. The best way to cover the eggs is to use a pastry brush/basting brush. Place the egg upside down in your palm and brush the chocolate on the bottom of the egg. Place the egg onto the waxed paper chocolate side down. Cover the top of the egg, making sure you cover all of the egg. You can try to make a fancy pattern with the brush if you want! Cover all 4 eggs and return to the refrigerator to set.

To serve, it is best to let the egg come to room temperature so that the chocolate shell does not crack when you cut it.

Nutrition Facts

Makes 4 eggs.
Each egg serves 16.
Number of servings: 64 TOTAL


Nutrition Per Serving:
Calories: 87
Fat: 2g
Saturated Fat: 1g
Trans Fatty Acid: 0g
Poly Fat: 0g
Mono Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 2mg
Sodium: 17mg
Carbohydrates: 17g
Dietary Fiber: 0g
Total Sugars: 16g
Protein: 0g