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Registered Dietitian Resources: Client Education

Smart Balance is committed to providing superior tasting, heart healthier alternatives in every category it enters by avoiding trans fats naturally, balancing fats, and/or reducing saturated fats, total fat, and cholesterol.

The makers of Smart Balance® products are pleased to provide you with these useful educational patient information sheets. Please use these with our compliments—just click on the icon or the title to download a pdf you can print.


Making Diets Healthier

Vegan Protein Sources

Shows the grams of protein in a variety of foods suitable for a vegan diet.

Explains the different omega-3 fatty acids, with a variety of food choices to help clients meet your recommendations.

Healthier Choices Throughout The Grocery

Decoding Food Labeling Claims

Teach clients the difference between "Fat free" vs "Low fat"...and other common food claims.

Decoding Nutrition Facts Panel

Based on current evidence, use these on your own Supermarket Tours or for general information with clients.

The dairy aisle is abundant with nutritious choices, many now with functional ingredients clients need to know about!

Help clients choose the leanest cuts of beef to reduce dietary fats while retaining this important protein.

No time to interact with the entire GST? Download all the important info, aisle by aisle.

Additional Resources

Glossary Terms For the Retail Dietitian

A free glossary of industry terms in the grocery biz just for Retail Dietitians.

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