Vitamin B6
Support your immune system, and much more, with this potent vitamin Vitamin B6 plays a vital supporting role in a number of important body functions. On the nutrition side, it helps you metabolize protein, an essential nutrient for building and maintaining muscle. It supports your immune system by caring for the organs that produce white blood cells. Essential for proper brain development and function, Vitamin B6 helps nerves transmit signals to one another. You’ll be glad to learn that Vitamin B6 helps maintain your blood glucose levels in the normal range by turning stored carbohydrates into glucose for energy. With its wide availability in so many foods, Vitamin B6 is easy to incorporate in your diet. Enjoy your recommended daily allowance in fortified cereals, bananas, plums, potatoes, fish, meat, legumes, peanut butter and the family of delicious Smart Balance® products, all of which contain this important vitamin.