Sausage Stir-fry

By Liz Krieger

My laziness has manifested in a new way: I’ve developed a new obsession with precooked sausages. I am deeply enjoying all the organic, turkey- and chicken-based ones you can find at the store these days. Whether they’re spiked with feta and spinach, apples and sage, or peppers and Parmesan—they’re a great, protein-packed addition to a meal without the intimidation factor of many meats. The ones I chose were low in total cholesterol but super high in flavor—seriously delicious stuff. And did I mentioned they’re precooked?


I started by tossing some garlic, chopped peppers (red, yellow, green), onions, and mushrooms into a skillet coated with a few sprays of Smart Balance® Omega Non-Stick Cooking Spray. Then I added my sliced roasted-garlic chicken sausage. Meanwhile, I opted for the lazy-woman’s grain, whole-wheat cous cous (it’s done in five minutes) and stirred everything together. I added just a pinch of kosher salt because the sausage is salty enough (a higher sodium level is it’s one downfall). All in all, it was so easy and delicious, and I was proud that I went recipe-free. I think that one of the other things that sort of keeps me from cooking is this feeling that I don’t have a recipe, or that I’m somehow incompetent without one. But I feel more confident having gone without a net, as it were, and except for some ringing in my ears, I’m no worse for the wear!

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