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Peanut Butter Banana Fudge

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Whip up fudge with only four ingredients! Coconut oil and a touch of honey grace these chewy chocolate peanut butter squares.

This recipe is part of our Chocolate Meets Peanut Butter recipe collection.

Recipe Ingredients

1/2 cup melted coconut oil
1/3 cup Smart Balance® Dark Natural Dark Chocolate Creamy Peanut Butter Spread, melted
1/3 cup mashed banana (about 1 small banana)
1/4 cup honey

Recipe Steps

Line a 6" x 6" freezer-safe container with plastic wrap, extending it well beyond the edges on all four sides. Set aside.

In a small bowl, add coconut oil, peanut butter, mashed banana and honey.

Using an immersion blender, blend together ingredients until smooth and well combined.

Pour mixture into prepared container. Transfer to freezer and freeze for 20 minutes or until firm.

Cut into squares and serve immediately, or store in refrigerator until ready to eat.

Nutrition Facts

Makes 36 servings. 1 square per serving.


Nutrition Per Serving:
Calories 49 cal
Fat 4 g
Saturated Fat 2 g
Trans Fatty Acid 0 g
Poly Fat 0 g
Mono Fat 1 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 4 mg
Carbohydrates 3 g
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Total Sugars 3 g
Protein 0 g