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We’re proud to announce that Smart Balance® Buttery Spread is the first leading spread made with 100% non-GMO sourced ingredients—that is, no genetically modified organisms.* It's one more way that, from farm to table, we're always working to improve our delicious buttery spreads, and all of our products, to meet your family's needs.

*Leading spreads analysis based on marketplace survey (Feb. 2014) of top 5 buttery spreads products (Nielsen Scan, Jan. 2014)

Our Pledge

We pledge that 100% of ingredients sourced for our flagship Smart Balance® Buttery Spread are now non-GMO.

The Non-GMO Journey

Going non-GMO isn’t something you do in a day. It’s an ongoing effort—but it’s one we’re committed to and proud to be undertaking. As we work to make more of our products without GMOs, we want to keep you informed every step of the way.

Keep reading to explore how we select and verify our non-GMO ingredients.

What Are GMOs?

What Are GMOs?

GMOs are genetically modified organisms—plants or animals that have been created through the merging of DNA from different species to make a new one (i.e., gene splicing).

Here at Smart Balance we are dedicated to making the best products possible, from farm to table—and that means making our flagship buttery spreads and our peanut butters without GMO ingredients.

Verified Non-GMO

Non-GMO Verification Process:
We Start from the Seed

Non-GMO Smart Balance® Buttery Spread is made from oils pressed from non-GMO seeds.

That means our oil comes from a variety of seeds that have been verified not to contain any GMOs.

We developed our verification process by modeling the EU Standard and working with key suppliers and manufacturing partners.

This verification includes certificates and guarantees that are provided and enforced by our suppliers and farmers. They are binding, and we require notification of any potential changes to non-GMO compliance. We also do on-site audits with our key oil suppliers to confirm the non-GMO guarantees.

Finally all our ingredients are traced by lots, so we can ensure that everything is as it should be every step of the way.

Non-GMO seeds are only the first step. We’ve also established new ways to handle ingredients and make our products, adding steps to ensure that non-GMO ingredients do not come into contact with GMO containing ingredients.

Pressing Forward

We’re doing more than just going non-GMO. We also hold how we process our non-GMO oils to a higher standard.

Smart Balance® Buttery Spreads are made from oils that are expeller pressed from seeds, rather than using a chemical extraction process.

Next, the oils are filtered, purified and then blended—in other words, churned or stirred together to become our delicious Smart Balance® Buttery Spread. We have always, and will always, avoid processes like interesterification, hydrogenation or other chemical modifications to thicken the oils.

Meeting The Milestones

At Smart Balance, we’re all about providing delicious, healthier, responsible and innovative products, from eliminating trans fat to going non-GMO. Browse our timeline to see where we’ve been—and where we’re going.

  • 2014

    Smart Balance is the first leading buttery spread to move to 100% non-GMO sourced ingredients.
    *Leading spreads analysis based on marketplace survey (Feb. 2014) of top 5 buttery spreads products (Nielsen Scan, Jan. 2014)

  • 2013

    FDA proposes a ban on trans fat.

  • 2013

    Smart Balance introduces space-saving square tubs to improve store shelf efficiency and free up refrigerated shelf and warehouse space—leading to an 18% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.*
    * Based on the 2013 Renewable Choice carbon footprint assessment

  • 2010

    Smart Balance leads change to an eco-friendlier case design, yielding 61% less waste and a 5% reduction in truck use.

  • 2009

    Smart Balance provides even more nutritional benefits with products that include EPA/DHA Omega-3s, flax and further vitamin and nutritional improvements.

  • 2006

    FDA requires that trans fat be listed in the Nutrition Facts Panel due to certain health concerns. Naturally, we are ahead of the game having been 0g trans fat for nearly a decade.

  • 2005

    Delicious Smart Balance® Rich Roast Creamy Peanut Butter and Flax Oil is introduced—our first non-GMO product.

  • 1999

    Smart Balance® Buttery Spreads become available across the United States.

  • 1997

    Smart Balance® Buttery Spread is introduced regionally as a delicious, naturally trans fat-free buttery spread. Even better, it’s clinically proven to help balance cholesterol ratios as part of our Smart Balance™ Food Plan.

  • 1990

    Our founders partner with leading nutrition experts at Brandeis University to develop a heart-healthier alternative to butter—and Smart Balance is born.

  • 1980s

    Trans fat is identified as a significant issue in American diets.

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